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The Business

Catapult your business to a new level!

What sets Gabe apart is her commitment to establishing conscious ways of doing business. She believes that meaningful connections are the key to success.

Work with Gabe...

About Gabe

My passion is helping business owners and managers – the ones who are happy to put their hand up and say, "Hey, I need some help.”

And you know why because, yes I’ve been there – sometimes it can be so lonely and alienating you just wish you could call someone who could come in and take some of the load and get shit sorted, well that’s where The Business Fairy comes in.

I have over 14 years’ experience in owning and operating small businesses and have extremely good organisational skills and a very creative mind – we can conquer what’s challenging you at the moment.


  • Marketing and Promotional planning for building sales and exploring new avenues

  • Customer Service training and workshops

  • Account Keeping services – using XERO

  • Human Resources

  • Building a stand out culture developing QUALITY relationships with your people

  • Social Media Management – using Instagram and Facebook – this includes scheduling, building content

  • I’m a great listener – and sometimes it’s just a brain storm so hey – we can even just get ideas and plans out so you have a road map for moving forward

  • Strategies - give me your business problems because I want to work with you to solve them and create lasting change 

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