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MidWest Pest  Management

Protecting your home and business.

Our Pest Management service is at the core of our business and where our journey started. This is why we take such pride in providing a family friendly and safe service that will ensure your house or business is totally protected from nasty pests.

Work with us...

Termite management

Our timber pest specialists make it their priority to ensure positive results are achieved in the treatment of termites.

Here at Mid-West Pest Management we always use the most up to date technologies in the detection of termites and develop treatment plans specifically designed to your home and your infestation.

We strongly recommend annual termite inspections to all household owners particularly where timber frames have been used to ensure that infestations can be identified before it’s too late.

Every termite treatment conducted by our team is different and unique and this means our team coming onto site and identifying the issues.

Our advice to you – if you are worried about termites it’s best to get in a professional to inspect and make recommendations about the best options to move forward.

Pre-purchase pest and building inspection

Buying or selling a home or commercial real estate is an extremely important decision. And we want to help you maximise both your sale or your purchase. 

Here at MidWest Pest Management we provide a detailed report of your property which is an unbiased opinion of the overall condition.

The report is based on a visual inspection of all accessible areas of the property: exterior, interior, roof space and sub floor areas.

The report provided will explore the building elements as outlined in accordance with Australian Standards. The purpose of the inspection is to identify major defects, the incidence of minor defects and safety hazards associated with the overall condition of the proposed property. 

Pest Inspections | A timber pest inspection is critical as

termites are extremely common in the Central West.

Our inspection and report will be confined to reporting on the discovery, or non discovery of any infestations and damage caused by termites, borers of seasoned timber and wood decay funghi (rot) present on the date and time of the inspection. The report is carried out according to Australian Standards.

If termites are undetected - they can stay that way until they affect the structural integrity of your property. In most cases this is when it is too late and will cost thousands potentially hundred of thousands in repairs and possibly replacement.

How we can help

We offer an extensive range of individual pest services and/or packaged programs for the control of all common household pests such as rodents (rats and mice), cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, possums and silverfish.


Our technicians are also highly experienced in other industries and tailor make specific pest management programs to suit you and your business–these industries include: mining, agricultural, industrial / commercial, aged care, hospitality facilities (including hotels, commercial kitchens, cafes, motels, lunch rooms), schools, and retail.


Nothing is ever a bother! The team are friendly, prompt and the work done is always well done.

Lisa, Parkes

Great service and thankyou for a awesome job done well.

Danielle, Forbes

Very detailed and
informative reports.

Mitch, West Wyalong

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